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    Hello, I downloaded Pleco 2.2.13 recently and have been enjoying its features, but I have a small query.

    When I make any dictionary search and I click on the definition for any word, I get the character, the pinyin, the definition followed by a list of example sentences.

    However, the example sentence seems to have the symbol " ~ " in place of the word or term being defined.

    For example, if the definition was 是

    Instead of an example sentence being:


    It comes up as:

    我 ~ 医生

    This true for both character and pinyin readings.

    This makes it rather difficult to understand and make use of the examples sentences as it means I have to keep referring to the top of the screen to remember what the character was or how to properly pronounce it.

    Is there some sort of setting I have to check which allows me to turn the ~ into the search term so I can properly understand these examples?
  2. mikelove

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    Yes, "Replace head with ~" in Settings / Dictionary / Entry Display. However, this currently only works with the PLC dictionary - updates that add support for it to our other dictionaries should (finally) be out shortly.

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