Problems exporting flash card entries to txt. Files from specialist dictionaries



I’m trying to export my pleco flash cards for Students Classical and Medieval Chinese Dictionary (SCM) and Hanyu dacidian (HDC) in txt format so that I can use them in anki (I like being able to use PC keyboard etc.). The PLC entries come out well, but the HDC and SCM entries come out blank.

Any advice on how to fix this?

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Also, if this isn’t possible, is there any way of getting the pleco srs to work a bit more like ankis? Specifically, if I get a card wrong I want to see it again that day - not the next, as I’m cramming hard for exams right now


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Not possible, I'm afraid, due to copyright restrictions. Our next big update literally has both an Anki importer and an Anki emulation mode (which our importer maps your Anki scores / settings to), so you should be able to mimic its behavior almost perfectly once that's out.

That won't happen before exams are done, though, so for now, if you switch 'day type' in New Test / Card Selection from 'calendar' to 'hours' and set the minimum score to 10 instead of 100, that should get incorrect cards to come up 2-and-a-half hours later instead of the next day; increase 'points per day' and that'll make the time even shorter.

For sorting by order added you'd need to instead set Card Selection / System to 'fixed' but that would disable SRS. For a cramming scenario you could consider doing that and then adding a card filter to limit the test to cards last answered incorrectly (incorrect 1 times in a row) and last reviewed today, then change the filter to cards last reviewed before today, do a bunch of those, switch it back to cards last reviewed today + last answered incorrectly, and back and forth until you've answered every card correctly today.