Question on making flashcards for chapters


I would like to make a category for each chapter of a book. For each chapter, I have segmented the words. Then I have filtered out repeats in that chapter. There will be repeated words in between chapters. So how do I import the repeated words into their respective chapter categories without creating new cards?

A truncated example:
Categories Characters
Chapter 16: 一 了 人 入 上 凡
Chapter 17: 一 了 人 又 上 凡 也
Chapter 18: 一 了 人 入 又 上 凡

From the above, there are only a few characters that don't repeat at all. How do I import the lists of each chapter without new cards, yet letting for 一 for example be in all three categories whilst only being one card?

The strategy is to read a chapter with the aid of an mp3 of that chapter, then flashcard through that chapter. I will read a phrase, listen to that phrase, rewind if necessary, then another phrase and so forth. Then onto the next chapter and so on.

The flashcard testing was a as simple as making a new txt file for each chapter on Pingrid. Repeats don't matter as they appear less frequently due to a central file tracking characters with a spaced repetition system.

How do I go about doing this on Pleco?


Staff member
Pleco actually doesn't create new cards in that case unless you specifically tell it to; cards can normally belong to multiple categories / multiple lists, and when Pleco encounters a duplicate in a flashcard import, by default it simply adds the existing card to the new category instead of creating a new card. So the spaced repetition system will maintain a single record for that card in all of the lists it appears in and show it to you at an appropriate interval in light of that.