Question on the Pleco 2.0 Upgrade and iPhone


Hey; I'm definitely going to upgrade to Pleco 2.0 from 1.0, and purchase both the 21st Century and Guifan dictionaries. However, my Palm Tungsten E2 is getting fairly long in the tooth, so I suspect that I'll be upgrading to the iPhone version of Pleco not long after its release (whenever that may be). I don't need the new dictionaries right away, but it's hard to say no to Chinese-to-Chinese goodness. If I were to indulge and buy them now, is it likely that I would need to repurchase them when I upgraded to the iPhone version, or do you anticipate that the iPhone upgrade fee would only be for the software and any new dictionaries that may come with it?



Staff member
We really don't know about that yet - it all depends on what Apple will let us do as far as distributing content outside of iTunes, if they insist that all dictionary content be included in the main application bundle then unfortunately you would need to repurchase your dictionaries. (we won't know how that's going to turn out until the finished application is submitted / approved / listed in iTunes)