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hi, sorry i don’t know if here is the right place to ask this or not, but i’m always thinking why pleco doesn’t have a login option, so if someone uses pleco on multiple devices can merge automatically the categories and scores for each word on different devices. for example i use pleco on iphone and ipad and an android phone but if i read on ipad the book i bought from pleco everytime that i add a new word to a card category i have to add it manually later to my iphone and android device or everytime do the export and import process. or if i want to do a test on ipad the scores for every word will be different from iphone and it will show me different words in exams based on the scores on the current device. i know that i can use icloud sync for cards for multiple ios devices but i have to chose one device as basic and all the cards and scores will show on other device too but i can only add new cards and test scores on the first device. i wonder why pleco just don’t add a login option just like Anki so we could easily merge the cards and test scores. i think pleco is way better than Anki but i wish they would do something for this.
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We do support iCloud sync, actually, but it's a bit unreliable (as with everything iCloud-based) and of course it doesn't help if one of your devices runs Android. However, it's not that heavily used - wasn't used much even during the time when it worked better (before Apple moved China iCloud hosting to domestic Chinese servers and everything got screwy for people moving back and forth to China) - and that's made it hard to justify investing a lot of resources in expanding sync to be better / cross-platform.

We are slowly making progress towards offering sync - in 4.0 we've redesigned our database system to support it, tracking device-specific unique IDs / revision histories / etc, so while we won't have actual sync yet we'll have done a lot of the hard stuff - but I don't know when we'll actually finish it. I'd like to have something at least in beta on that front by late 2019 since we expect to be launching a Mac app then (thanks to Apple's just-announced "Marzipan" project) and that will dramatically increase the benefits to sync (creating/editing stuff on desktop), but no idea if we'll actually hit that goal.
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