Same reminder times for correct cards



I'm enjoying Pleco a lot. However, I'm confused by why it shows the same amount of time until re-test if I mark a card as correct.

I'm using Pleco with SRS and when I mark a card a correct, there are three buttons shown:

- "remembered perfectly"
- "remembered"
- "barely remembered"

Below each button is the time until Pleco will re-test me for the card. However, the times are all identical which seems wrong: if I've barely remembered a card, I would expect Pleco to re-test me on that card sooner than a card I've "remembered perfectly". To be clear, each *card* does show its own unique "time to re-test", but for any particular card, the 3 values mentioned above are always the same.

Is there a configuration option I need to set somewhere to fix this?

Thanks for your help.


Staff member
That interval-prediction feature was actually removed a year or two ago because it wasn't working properly and we didn't have a straightforward way to fix it and thus decided to punt it to 4.0. (in which it's now re-implemented and working beautifully)

So I'm not quite sure why it's still showing up on your device... might be a wacky setting, if you email me ( a backup of your flashcard database I should be able to tweak the settings so it no longer comes up.