Seeking Tips for Cantonese Speaker/Learner


Hi, I've been using Pleco for the past few months and was wondering if there are some best practices or tips in how to set up my Pleco as a Cantonese-heritage speaker, and native English speaker. Cantonese is what my family speaks and I have little knowledge of writing/reading in Chinese, and little knowledge of Mandarin in general. I am using Pleco to increase my vocabulary in Cantonese, and practice Jyutping. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to organize Flashcards using Jyutping pronunciation instead of Pinyin. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated!


It looks like setting jyutping looks like settings->Language->Cantonese phonetic system->jyutping.

Unfortunately pleco is set up to learn written chinese which has significant differences from oral cantonese.

Not many resources are available for Cantonese. Parker's, "Speak Cantonese" is dated. Don't know of too many others.


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Do you have the paid version of our flashcard system add-on? Cantonese support is limited to the paid version.