1. T

    Cantonese flashcards

    How to get Cantonese pronunciation when organizing flashcards? I know you can go to "new test" and select Cantonese primary pronunciation but I want to hear the Cantonese pronunciation when in the organizing flashcards section too, but I only can hear Mandarin pronunciation
  2. U

    Definition pronunciation: 1st 粵jyutping 2nd普pinyin

    Hi. I use Pleco mainly for Cantonese so I switched on Jyutping under Language + Text. But often I need to refer to the Mandarin pinyin as well. If I have both switched on, then the Mandarin pinyin is always displayed first which makes it harder to refer to Jyutping first. And in search...
  3. L

    Seeking Tips for Cantonese Speaker/Learner

    Hi, I've been using Pleco for the past few months and was wondering if there are some best practices or tips in how to set up my Pleco as a Cantonese-heritage speaker, and native English speaker. Cantonese is what my family speaks and I have little knowledge of writing/reading in Chinese, and...
  4. P

    Issues and inaccuracies with Cantonese TTS handling characters with multiple tones?

    I am wondering how Pleco incorporates Google TTS with the dictionaries. I notice some inaccuracies for Cantonese. In the example below for 咪, the Google TTS pronounces both mai6 and mai1 as mai6. In the next example for 聽, both the popup at the bottom and the sentence itself marks the...
  5. Doumè

    Suggestion for Cantonese

    Hello everyone ! I'm pleased with Pleco and I just bought a Cantonese voice today believing that I could use it to read the "The Chairman Bao" readings that I bought in the ads-on given that's the same "Hanzi" in Cantonese and in Mandarin. So I would like to propose the following suggestion to...
  6. C

    Cantonese + Mandarin tone coloring

    I never really paid much attention to the colors, but my Cantonese reviews always feel so bland compared to Mandarin and i think it's due partially to the lower-quality TTS for Cantonese and the fact that i didn't have tone coloring enabled for Cantonese. I enabled that today and even though i...
  7. DaveIRL

    Wenlin's ABC Cantonese Dictionary

    Wenlin Institute, Inc. SPC's ABC Cantonese Dictionary (Edited by Robert Bauer) has reached its goal of $50,000 USD on Kickstarter. Timeline / Specifications Assuming the Wenlin website & software progress/updates are also being applied to Pleco, either with 1) free updates or 2) consequent...
  8. chemica1mage

    No longer able to hear Cantonese pronunciation

    Hi. I'm new to this forum, and to using Pleco. I'm using Pleco for Android, version 3.2.33. Last week, I was able to click on the audio for Cantonese pronunciation (which I had never done before) and I heard it in Cantonese. I was thrilled to be able to learn some new phrases. However...
  9. G

    Cantonese Audio Pronunciation Problem - GZP

    I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem. I searched the forum and couldn't find the answer. The pronunciation for certain cantonese words produces a hissing sound on some entries in the Guangzhouhua Putonghua Cidian (GZP). I have all the audio add-ons installed. I even went on "...
  10. D

    Cantonese flashcard file format

    The documentation for importing flashcards specifies a file format of {headword}{tab}{pinyin}{tab}{definition}. In the user interface for creating a new card there are two additional fields. Headword is split into traditional and simplified. And pronunciation is split into Mandarin and...