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    Wenlin Institute, Inc. SPC's ABC Cantonese Dictionary (Edited by Robert Bauer) has reached its goal of $50,000 USD on Kickstarter.

    Timeline / Specifications
    Assuming the Wenlin website & software progress/updates are also being applied to Pleco, either with 1) free updates or 2) consequent portions being a paid upgrade (similar to Tuttle Learner's Chinese Dictionary UPGRADE). No details known for this commercial/licensing deal.

    There are many ways to access Wenlin's ABC Canto Dictionary:

    1) Wenlin's own wiki-styled website.
    The website can be accessed by consumers via a subscription fee. The subscription fee has not been finalized:
    2) Wenlin's desktop software.

    Take a look at Wenlin Software (4.2) for further comparison and/or speculation.

    3) The Print Edition
    I am unable to determine whether this will be available during the first or second development cycle.
    If it's during the first, it will not include:

    4) Pleco
    We are excited to announce that Wenlin and Pleco have just signed an agreement to make the Cantonese dictionary available as an add-on to Pleco. Some of our pledges to the Cantonese Dictionary wiki effort will also receive a free copy of the Cantonese dictionary to use with Pleco once released mid 2017.

    If you have already pledged, you can adjust your pledge to make sure that you will also receive your free copy to use with Pleco - available only through this campaign.

    Thank you so much for your support. We're half way there!

    Elisabeth & the Wenlin Team
    We’ve also made arrangements with our friends at Wenlin to offer a free offline Pleco copy of the dictionary to some backers of their ABC Cantonese Dictionary website Kickstarter:


    So you can now choose a Kickstarter reward level that includes a free, non-time-limited offline copy of the dictionary to use in Pleco.
    Is this offer only available to those with Kickstarter accounts / backers?
    Or only the 'free' part applies to backers?
    It's hard to tell with the statement "available only through this campaign."
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  2. mikelove

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    Plan is that those would be free. Can't promise that will be the case forever - if they do a giant new edition with 80,000 entries or whatever that might be a paid upgrade - but the intent / goal / general legal understanding is that we'll keep the website and Pleco versions of ABC Cantonese in sync and that you won't have to pay for fixes from the website. (also planning to do that eventually when they website-ify ABC Chinese-English, though that's a bit more complicated as we also intend to [and have reason to expect that we'll be legally permitted to] do our own website for that at some point)

    You'll certainly be able to buy this dictionary directly from us outside of the Kickstarter too, yes. "Available only through this campaign" means you're not likely to see a bundle of the website + Pleco versions again, at least not at this low a price. We do not currently have an understanding in place for Wenlin to sell Pleco copies of the dictionary outside of this Kickstarter, at any rate. (so a different situation than with Outlier, where they are selling Pleco copies of the dictionary on their website even now)
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    Hm, so the 30$ reward includes one-year-access to the website. Is the Pleco version of this reward also limited in time? Is there any difference between the Pleco versions of the 30, 199, 299 and 499 rewards?
  4. mikelove

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    Not limited in time, no. Same Pleco reward at each level that includes Pleco.
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  5. alex_hk90

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    I've pledged for the cheapest one ($30) that includes Pleco.

    To be honest I found the number of different reward options a bit confusing, and don't feel that a time-limited subscription is that useful for a dictionary. I wouldn't have bought anywhere near the number of Pleco dictionaries if they were time-limited. :)
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  6. Yeah, I'll be going back to my paperbacks when everything goes subscription-based.
  7. mikelove

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    No plans to do that here, at least not as a requirement. We have been toying with the idea of providing the option of 'renting' our app and/or specific dictionaries for people who might only need them for a short time, but obviously at a significantly lower price than buying outright, and we wouldn't switch to that model exclusively.

    We may also consider going subscription-based for other things that generate significant ongoing per-user costs, e.g. if we offer our own dictionary website or our own proprietary flashcard sync service or anything along those lines, or perhaps also if a future opportunity came along to do a dictionary with sizable ongoing editorial costs and relatively limited appeal (something for quickly-evolving technical vocabulary, say). But in those cases it would most likely be something that couldn't exist at all without subscription fees.
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