Sinolingua Business 1 By CJ


By request on a thread below, attached is a list of 406 business terms used in the situational conversations in the Sinolingua interactive Business Chinese course. The entire course has about 1500 words in it but I have included here only those from the situational conversations and have not included the specific master lists of business terms they have specific to certain areas of business or business terms covered in their basic Chinese interactive course.

Each subcategory is organized by a grouping of situational conversations that include somewhere between 30 and 50 words. Each subcategory under the master category SinoBus will have 2 sets of numbers separated by a /

The numbers to the left of the slash identify the situational conversations and the number to the right identifies the number of cards in those conversations. 13\31 for example means that this group covers situational conversations 1-3 and that group contains 31 new business terms. 2326\38 would be situational conversations 23-26 and that group contains 38 new business terms.

Let me know of any errors you may find and I will correct.