Spaced Repetion System card selection

Hello everyone,

in the SRS Card Selection, will it do harm to the repetition system to alter the Points Per Day number frequently?
For example, having around 4000 cards altogether, to have a card repetition number of 150-250 per session I'm forced to fine tune that figure between ca. 33 to 37, sometimes on a daily basis.
I wonder if such interference will compromise the algorithm's proper function.

I understand as yet there is no way to set a maximum value of repetitions, as this would defeat the SRS idea?

Thanks so much in advance!
One more question: I quit my daily SRS training for approximately two weeks and now the card number per exercise has climbed to over 1700, which is far to much for me to process in a day.
Will the SRS still work fine if I never complete the required amount of cards per day and quit after some 100 cards, leaving 1600 - 1700 cards not revised?
Or is there any other way that you recommend to handle the problem of a load of too many cards?


Staff member
Yes, it's designed to work just fine that way. Alternatively, you could go into New Test / Card Selection and temporarily lower the 'points per day' (say to 50) - that should produce fewer cards due; you can then gradually increase it back to 100 as you catch up. (you might also want to limit new cards per day to 0)