Stability of Android beta e.g. HTC Desire Z vs. iPhone 3GS


How stable is the current beta 3 on Android, e.g. HTC Desire Z? Is it stable enough to concentrate on learning Chinese? I tried Pleco on a Desire Z for 15 minutes in a shop and it crashed 6-7 times, so although I'd prefer Android, I'm thinking of getting an iPhone 3GS instead.

I've seen Pleco running on my friend's iPhone and am quite impressed :D I have just started a new Chinese course and would like to get Pleco myself within the next few days/weeks. I would mainly use Pleco to look up characters that I do not know, probably using OCR or handwriting on the phone. I have an old symbian phone -- E71, so I'm looking at replacing this with something that can run Pleco (I do not want to carry 2 phones around).

I'd like to keep costs low and I'm trying to decide between:
a) second hand iPhone 3GS at about 170e
b) second hand HTC Desire Z at about 250e (I like a physical keyboard for taking notes).

(It's somewhat safe to buy a second hand phone in Finland.)

I'd prefer the openness of Android, e.g. can play around on the system, access file system and install non-store things on the phone, etc. I tried a HTC Desire Z in a shop (Android 2.3.3) and installed Pleco with OCR (downloaded it today 16 Sep). In 15 minutes of testing, Pleco crashed about 6-7 times, e.g. mostly during OCR, sometimes after changing Pleco settings then pressing the back key, and at other times while looking up characters. Sorry I don't have the exact steps to reproduce the bugs as I had a very limited time in the store. I was also only using the demo versions of OCR and the hand writing recognition add-ins.

Is this the level of stability that other people have? Is Pleco running on the HTC Desire Z less or more reliable than other devices? From looking at the forums, I assume the final Android version will not be out for quite a few months, perhaps not even during 2011. I'd like to use Pleco now, but need to be able to concentrate on learning Chinese (instead of restarting Pleco / loosing my place).

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
Re: Stability of Android beta e.g. HTC Desire Z vs. iPhone 3

I have been using Pleco on my HTC Desire S for well over a month now and haven't had any crashes or stuff like that, yet. Although it took me a while to get used to the Android interface as opposed to my prior Windows Mobile version, I'm really getting used to it and I think it's safe to say that even this beta (!) version is enough to work efficiently.


Re: Stability of Android beta e.g. HTC Desire Z vs. iPhone 3

I haven't really run it through its paces, but I have had no stability problems. None.

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Re: Stability of Android beta e.g. HTC Desire Z vs. iPhone 3

I get some random crashing. Maybe once per 2 hours of use. (I use Pleco often, 3+ hours per day) It seems to happen in any menu.


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Re: Stability of Android beta e.g. HTC Desire Z vs. iPhone 3

Could the two of you experiencing crashes possibly PM or email me with your crash logs? You can get them using the free Android Market apps aLogcat or CatLog - run one of those after you experience a crash and that'll give you the log data, which should hopefully help us diagnose and fix your problem.