step 1 ???


How the heck do I get the PCR flashcard series from onto my palm.

...the pre-payment samples are zipped .pdb files. but I can see it is not going to be as easy as that :cry: ....oh crap, I sound like a newbie, I havnt been one of them for a while :oops: .


First up, do you want New Practical Chinese Reader, or just Practical Chinese Reader flashcards? If it's for NPCR, then I can help you out with a complete set of books 1 - 3 that I typed in myself. If it's the PCR ones, then I can't help much with free flashcards.

In any event, to get it working, just synch it to your device. To Internal Memory. Then open up PlecoDict, open the menu, select 'Flashcards', and then 'Manage Flashcards'. Select 'Import', and make sure the file-type is PalmDoc. Probably set the encoding as UTF-8, but I'm honestly not sure what it would be. If that doesn't work, report back.


While that's a nice turn of phrase, it doesn't help us help you all that much. Did I somehow misinterpret your original post?


no ..certainly not directed at you and one other are the only contact I have had to date.

I am guessing that I use a tab delimited file type as my download choice from ...that I open it in something that will preserve the character encoding (NJStar) then I delete the pinyin and the definitions (believe that it will use the contents of the dictionary instead) that I rebuilt the tabs, then save it in an ecoded format that is acceptable to imports. If this works then I can look at the original pinyin and especially the definitions and see if they are better suited to PCR lessons than the pleco dictionary offerings.

驱ù de5
a structural particle, a sentence particle used after a verb to show effect,
degree or possibility
□ǜ wan3
evening, night, late
□£ ting2
to stop, to come to a stop, to halt
□ì□è qian2 bian1
front, the area in the front of something
□豢陶 you2 young3
to swim, swimming
□ǔ□ǚ zhun3 bei4
to prepare, preparation
to fish with a hook and bait
□ǜ yu2

The contents of this teb delimited file file looks pretty messy so I think I might be shoving it uphill ...I see there are some Pleco specific files at ...I will look at them and make some decisions.
If I ever work it out maybe then I will paste it somewhere for the next new member to follow.


a pleco file from opens in NJStar as a BIG5 and looks like ...

□£ Na4
□ü掸ê Lao3 Shi1
□饵ōƒ Yi1 Sheng1
□á Ni3
□剖¢□Zhong1 Guo2
□ü Shi2
□¥ Bei4
□ƒ Sheng1
□ǔ Ta1
□à Zhe3
□ò Bi3
□ē Yu4

So it seems my guess about definitions was right ...but the formatting is a bit messy (I suppose I can tidy that up and put 3 tabbed fields per line) the pinyin is intact ...can I use that as the key field for linking to pleco dictionaries..I wonder

I dont want this file it is from NPCR but I suppose I can import it and fiddle with the content to at least see what it does

Why the hell am I doing this I better to be just making my own lists ...?????


The data is cleaner if you use the view list function within
and looks like ...
(as opposed to my previous posts above).

得 de5
a structural particle, a sentence particle used after a verb to show effect,
degree or possibility 晚 wan3
evening, night, late 停 ting2
to stop, to come to a stop, to halt 前边 qian2 bian1
front, the area in the front of something 河 he2
river 游泳 you2 young3
to swim, swimming 准备 zhun3 bei4
to prepare, preparation 钓 diao4
to fish with a hook and bait 鱼 yu2
fish 汤 tang1
soup 位 wei4

You still need an editor that preserves the character encoding ...I have NJStar (maybe someone else can comment on a free editor that could be used ...???)

I also accept that the view function within might be free but I think that a paid membership is only fair and I have paid for mine.

So off I go ...


EmEditor is fantastic for preserving and just generally dealing with encodings. I'll reply to the rest of your stuff when I'm on my laptop, and not my Treo.


Thanks ipsi ...Oh and did I tell you that the Kiwi accent is my favourite in the whole world ...even time I meet a Kiwi I tell them and they don't ever believe me .....
Chinese is the ugliest ...I can never manage to say 我爱你 and sound sexy at the same time they manage to dock their landing gear is beyond me :roll: .


There is actually a free version of EmEditor, which does encoding stuff just fine.

Also, UTF-8 should be fine for keeping tabs intact. I'd be more help, but I'm helping friends move in to their new house at the moment.


No am OK ...will just keep going so someone else can follow ....

I have read the previous thread ' file path when importing' and that is fine own (renamed to flash) file is imported and running.
wan3 and a couple of others do not give a definition so will look into that now ...


have renamed the file flash to something useful 'PCR1 L25-30' within the manage function of Pleco.

3 entries that can be readily found in any pleco dict, wan3 , ting2 and he2 do not bring up definitions in flashcard ... i guess because multiple definitions are possible ...will go back and see if anyone has referred to this before.

...besides this fault, it looks like I am ready to go!!!


mmmmm .....ahhhhhh .....oooaaahhhhhh.

Thats me kissing my pleco flashcard screen ...I did wonder what those plastic condoms for the screen were for.

back to it ...

mmmmm .....ahhhhhh .....oooaaahhhhhh.


Has anyone developed flashcards for TLI Practical Chinese 1 and/or 2? either the vocabulary or the "dialogs"? Just wondering if I have been reinventing the wheel... Thanks.