Studying with Whole-Sentence Flashcards


Hi @LeonardoM, hi all,

see this thread to find out how this discussion on studying with whole sentences started.

yeah i think moving this thread onto a new one would be useful to many.
Also, are you using self-grading option for these flashcards?

Exactly, I use the Self-graded mode because it allows headwords of any length.

Sometimes I write down only the more challenging parts of a sentence, otherwise you'd be writing similar characters too often.

I also created an empty PDF file that includes both the English translations and the Chinese sentences. I attach it here. You can fill it in like an exam, if you have a tablet, pencil and an app such as Notability. The advantage here is that you see the English translation and the Chinese sentence already written together, making it easier to review later. You just need to cover one of them up.

Cheers, Shun


  • HSK 4 Sentences to write into.pdf
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