Switching dictionaries when definition is shown.


Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but in any event it's behaviour different from what I would have expected, so just thought I'd let you know.

After seeing gato's post about screen layouts in the feature request thread, I decided to switch the layout of Pleco iphone to match that of the WM/Palm (after using the head/pron/defn layout for a while on the iPhone, I think I much prefer the original layout more).

Anyway, I have it all going nicely, with entry list configured as "head pron" and "portrait show defn" on and set to the left side of the screen. So far so good.

Then I search for a word (let's say 你), it appears in the definition window as expected. Then I scroll down the entry list and select a different character (let's say 泥), likewise it also appears in the definition window for the currently selected dictionary. However, if I now change the dictionary, rather than getting the next dictionary's definition of 泥, I get that dictionary's definition of 你, which is less than desirable.

What I would like to see is the next dictionary's definition of the word that is currently visible in the definition window. Dictionaries that did not contain this word would be skipped.


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That's tricky because it leaves us without a way to separately switch the dictionary you're searching; we'd have to squeeze in a second dictionary-switch button somewhere (in what's already the most crowded possible Pleco interface) along with making it look different from the first one and teaching users about that difference. You could, however, enable the "Search for headword" option in Settings / Dictionary / Entry Commands, then tap on that link at the bottom of the dictionary entry to copy its text to the search field; that would make it easy to then look for that word in a different dictionary.