the 5000 most used chinese characters!!!FINISHED

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    This is a flashcard set for the 5000 most used characters in the Chinese language. The 5000 most used characters... IN ORDER!!! I was pretty stoked when I found out that Pleco can force definitions for you from its dictionaries, and consequentially save me a ton of time and stress. I finished this in about an hour. Pleco is AMAZING!

    I all the cards into 5 files will separate subcategories for each set of 100 cards... just tried it out on the first thousand and everything work!

    Lemme know if there are any typos and I will fix it

    Hope this helps someone out there. I know I have been looking to purchase something like this for years now.

    Ryan Kellogg


    Looks like only three attachments per post... the last two thousand will me on the next flashcard post.

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  2. artikfro

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    Here are the final two files... enjoy! Again lemme know if there are any changes that need to be made. I just finished these about a half hour ago.

    Also if there are enough requests I would be willing to provide another couple thousand... maybe upwards of 8000? Lemme know guys

    Ryan Kellogg

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  3. Yug

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    Thanks !
  4. renovator

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    Awesome, these are great, Thanks. I have a couple of more months to finish learning the 2200 provided earlier on this forum by Gato. Now will take almost 2 more years before I learn the 5000 you have provided so for me there is certainly no rush on additional characters, but if you have time may as well put them up so they are available to those that can use them now and for the rest of us will be there when we need them. Great job, thanks again!!!!
  5. Ryan, Thank you very much for uploading these flashcards!

  6. Shadowdh

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    My thanks as well...
  7. caesartg

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    Thanks very much Ryan - this now forms a core part of my new study regime under Pleco 2.
  8. antony73

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    Ryan Kellogg

    Wow!!! Thanks mate! This is really going to speed up my learning process.

    Thanks again

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  10. sfrrr

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    Ryan--Thank you! You may well be a saint.

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    What is the source for these 5000 characters? I have a dictionary,
    Far East 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary, Dr. Shou-hsin Teng, editor.
    The Far East Book Co., Ltd. It compiles the 3000 most frequently used
    characters. Great dictionary!

  12. hansheng76

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    great. i scanned the list and looks like it's in traditional chinese. is there a version in simplified chinese?

  13. fischer

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    there is no real difference between traditional and simplified in txt files ... just font/charset. That is why you can always switch between both.
  14. PebbleChamp

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    Since this thread seems to be semi-alive still (a post every few months), I thought I would add my work.
    I took the original list and converted it to Simplified Chinese, then I ran it through a translation engine so there is pinyin and English for each of the characters and made it look "pretty" in Excel while maintaining the order that the characters were in. Hope this helps with your learning!

    Here is a screenshot (each column has 500 characters):


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  15. Thanks PebbleChamp! Downloading now :D
  16. HW60

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  17. driftwork

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    Is there anyway to get this exact same Excel version with the pinyin and the meanings but with the Traditional character set?

    The folks in my Chinese class here in Taiwan would greatly appreciate it.

  18. OmgJetLag

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    that list is great! ive been looking for something like that for a long time

    although can someone to a traditional version? the list is perfect except im learning traditional haha
  19. goldyn chyld

    goldyn chyld 状元

    Nice work man! I'm still figuring out if there is a decent way to print this on a couple of sheets of paper, but it looks like I'd have to print out like 10+ sheets if I wanted to fit all of them on there.... :? Any ideas?
  20. kaicetr

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    Can someone explain how to or point me to some instructions on what I need to do in order to get these cards into the Pleco flashcard program on my iPad?


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