The ability to search for the meaning of Chinese words in the pop-up screen

Discussion in 'Future Products' started by Jan Erik Christensen, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. A great feature would be the ability to click on the Chinese words in the pop-up dictionary, to get the pinyin pronunciation and the English explanation. If there are, let's say, 50 characters of explanation in the pop-up screen (Chinese-Chinese dictionary), then there are usually some words in the pop-up screen that I have yet to learn. If I could press the word, and then get the English explanation, this would, in my opinion, be a great feature. Thank you for offering a great and useful product!
  2. mikelove

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    That's a little tricky because then we find ourselves in the situation of putting popups on top of popups; what happens if you then want to look up the meaning of a character in that second popup?

    Would it help if we made it a bit easier / faster to zoom into a full-screen definition from the popup bubble? (e.g. with a button in the corner of the bubble that zoomed it in instantly with almost no animation lag)
  3. mikelove

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    Accuracy on that should be getting a lot better soon - is the problem that it doesn't recognize them as text regions at all, or that it gets the characters wrong?

    I am a bit worried about adding one more level, yes - then we introduce the added confusion of some popups allowing tapping and others not. (unless we re-theme the popup UI in some way for that second level, but that would get even stranger)
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    Understood. Does it help if you resize the recognition area so that it only encompasses that bubble?
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    We're actually working very hard to eliminate links like that in our dictionaries, so that you won't ever need to follow a link (which is decidedly sub-optimal UI) in order to find out what a word means.
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