This word has no Cantonese sound

Hi Madox101,

it works fine on my iPhone, even with „Auto-generate if missing“ turned off. Perhaps this is a Pleco for Android issue?

3C040EB9-0CBD-4144-90F0-244DCB397F31.png 07106B85-6A9A-4685-8CAD-7D748726F65C.png
Funny, I also get the sound when I tap on the speaker. Do you have "Use TTS if no recording" enabled? Here are my Audio settings:



Staff member
It might not be supported by Google TTS, if that's your only source of Cantonese audio (i.e. you don't have any paid Cantonese audio add-ons from us). Google unlike Apple doesn't let us supply jyutping readings for the characters we're feeding it, so if their system doesn't happen to know how a particular character is pronounced we have no way to tell it.