Trying to add a customized Cantonese Dictionary...


Hi, I'm looking to add cantonese cedict which I got from <> to pleco since I couldn't find the Early Access 廣州話方言詞典 which you mentioned in the update. The problem is the CEDict is in the format:

which doesn't fit Pleco's format:

Editing Traditional and Simplified is simple enough, how can I add another field for Cantonese pronunciation?

Thank you for your help.


Staff member
I'm afraid this isn't supported yet, for the same reason we don't support Cantonese flashcards - have to update our user database system to handle Cantonese. (and this is the sort of thing that we tend to be cautious about because it's much easier to fix format glitches in databases we created than in databases users created) Should be coming later in 2014, though.