URL scheme not opening the correct tab

I’m using the following url scheme with anki:

<a href="plecoapi://x-callback-url/df?hw=({{Trad}})&sec=(words)&x-source=(anki)&x-success=(anki://)">Click to open Pleco compounds</a>

Everything works fine, it opens the correct word but no matter what I put for the “sec=(dict|stroke|chars|words)”, it opens the dict tab.

怎么办? am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


Staff member
It sounds like it's correct - are you on an iPad or an iPhone? Latest version of Pleco? Just checked this on my phone here and it seems to be working fine on the current version at least.

Maybe something in the way that the headword is being encoded is keeping Pleco from parsing the later bit with the 'sec' tag - does it make any difference if you put the sec= part before the hw= part?
On an IPhone, version 3.2.61.

Ah! i tried your suggestion, which didn’t work, but it made me think to try getting rid of the parentheses, which worked. Thank you! :)