Using Pleco 3.0.0 on Ipad 3/4/5 (2048x1536 pixels) with iOS 7

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by 李定, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. 李定

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    I am considering buying a new iPad Air primarily for the extra screen real estate available to run Pleco 3.0.0 compared to my iPhone 5. Does anyone have experience running the latest version of Pleco on any high-res iPad (3/4/5) with iOS 7?

    In particular I am curious how well the app takes advantage of the full screen for add-ons such as the flashcard system and document reader. If someone could post screenshots to the forum that would be great. Thanks.

    My preference is that the app should utilize the entire screen (rather than using small popup boxes or split frames), and then I can blow up the font sizes for easy readability.
  2. Bendy-Ren

    Bendy-Ren 举人

    Don't have an Air, but all iPads should display the same regardless of whether or not they are Retina. Have you used Pleco on any other iPad?
  3. BanMai

    BanMai 秀才

    Yeah the display should be the same for 3/4/5. And the font sizes are pretty big.

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  4. mikelove

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    Can be adjusted, but yes, they can certainly be pretty big.

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