Using Pleco as SRS system

Hi all,
currently I use Anki + some program specific programs (like YoyoChinese) for vocabulary learning.
If basically like it to have all vocabulary in one place, so I try to copy many stuff into anki.
However this is time consuming.
Nowadays i attend class every day, note most words down in Pleco.

So allmost all my input data for vocabulary is now in pleco (chinese, pinyin, english/german, examples).
While it is possible to copy this data to anki, I am again think if I can just use Pleco for SRS (at least for a major part).

While Pleco has really a lot of options for Flashcard, it felt before limited compared to Anki. But maybe this is only because of my limited understanding of Pleco options.
So I try to write down, why I didn't like to so far, and maybe somebody comment, if these are real limitations or how I can use Pleco similar to my current Anki mode.

I use every card in three mode:
1. Reading Chinese Characters (Displaying Hanzi on front page)
2. Listening Chinese (Display Audio on first page).
3. Translation of english/german definition to chinese.

Half of my cards are example sentences, so I have the above exercise also with the example sentences. Reasons for that I want to understands in context, and also learn grammar structures.

Can I achieve the same or similar functionality with pleco?
Should I setup a profile for each of (Reading, Listening and Translation)?

My impression is, that the examples are technically only a part of the definition. Is that right?
So I can not really use the examples for training, can I?

Kind Regards


Staff member
If you add individual examples to your flashcards (via the "+ for each example" option) then they'll function exactly like any other Chinese card - characters/pinyin/translation in the character/pinyin/definition fields. So you can certainly use those for training.

We don't currently do anything about linking word flashcards to example cards; we're adding native cloze support in our 4.0 update (and I'm pretty confident it'll actually ship in 4.0, since it's already implemented/working well and a very popular feature request), but for now all you can do as far as getting examples associated with a word card is configure 'definition parts' in New Test / Display to include examples in the definition.

You can actually get all three modes in one profile in Pleco if you set 'subject selection' in Test Settings to 'alternating' or 'score-based'; doesn't work between test types (can't, say, mix multi-choice and fill-in-the-blanks) but since all three of your modes seem to be 'self-graded' it should work fine for that.
That's work! Great.
So I can do most my Anki stuff in pleco.
Only the standard definition with all examples is not in a good state for a flashcard frontpage.
With the dedicated selection as you described even this is cool.
Many thx.
I also heard other forum persons talk about cloze and how this would help with Anki/pleco.
What is cloze and what is so cool about it?