Using Pleco in Splitscreen breaks the Screen Reader


Samsung Galaxy Note20

Using the split/dual view functionality where Pleco takes up half of the screen together with another app breaks the Screen Reader functionality as it locks onto only half of the screen even after you go out of split-screen. The problem persists until you restart your device. Might be similar to this issue.

Also, when this problem occurs it also disables a few of the options in the overlay. The arrows on the bottom that allows you to select the previous/next word on the screen disappear and only the arrows with a base (that allow you to include the next character in your selection) is available.


Staff member
Screen size calculation on Android is an unholy mess - there isn’t a nice handy “how big should I make my fullscreen view” API or anything - so I suspect this will end up in the category of issues where not enough users would benefit to justify taking the time to fix them, but we can take a look at least.