What are some interesting concepts/ideas you have discovered in the dictionary and the Chinese language?

For example I was looking at reasoning, and found a concept called "gangster logic" in Chinese. I think this fits today's general discourse!

Do you have any other examples of peculiar and interesting concepts that look unique to the Chinese language (and should be loaned out to other languages!) that you would like to share?
Hi Apropos2,

one concept along these lines I can think of is the contraction (= 简写 jiǎnxiě) 高富帅 gāofùshuài, which you may already know and stands for a "tall, wealthy, and handsome" young man. So by combining three adjectives, taking the first syllable of each, the Chinese language is able to arrive at a new concept.


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Hi agewisdom,

I'd like to add the general thought that usually, concepts that developed in a foreign language can't easily be transferred to another language, because each language is closely intertwined with a particular cultural background. (contrary to what the original poster implied) The fact that the expression "gangster logic" exists in Chinese suggests to me that there must be a "common logic". While the English language also has the concept "common sense", I think that is more closely related to intutition, while in Chinese, "gangster logic" and "common logic" apply more to societal issues, or issues of justice. Here's a definition of 强盗逻辑 from 百度百科:


An article from China Daily:

We Chinese usually use the expression to describe the way that someone uses force to thrust into the throat of others his argument or something that others believe is not right.


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無釐頭 > Silly talk / genre of humor emerging from Hong Kong late in the 20th Century. Watched a couple of movies from Stephen Chow, at first I thought it was extremely stupid. Now I still think it's stupid. But a little funny :)