What can I import Plecodict flashcard lists to?


Hi all,

I'm really enjoying using plecodict - definately made my Chinese learning a lot easier. One feature that's bewildering me at the moment though is the ability to export my custom flashcard lists - while this looks really useful I can't find anything that I can actually export to! I'm using ZDT for flashcards on the computer but it doesn't seem to be able to import the plecodict lists - I get a 'cannot parse' error. I've been able to import from ZDT without difficulty though - seems strange it doesn't go both ways.

At the moment I'm stuck reading out my flashcard lists in notepad - not really that convenient. Any help would be much appreciated!




You'll need to massage the exported Pleco file to match ZDT's format using Excel(maybe just notepad) - I don't think Pleco and ZDT are very different from one another, it might just be the category headers. Just open up a ZDT file and see what it looks like and make your pleco export match. Note that Pleco will only export user definitions, so if you're using a lot of cards that don't exist in CEdict then ZDT won't be able to make much use of them.