When I start Pleco, it crashes my phone


I have been using Pleco 2.04 WM successfully since I bought it at the beginning of the year until yesterday. During the morning it was working fine but in the afternoon when I opened it, it crashed part way through and crashed my phone. What became visible was a single panel of the program on the left and my programs screen remained visible on the right. My phone was frozen like this and required a reboot to correct.

I checked the memory card in another device, another card in my phone and all worked ok. When rebooted the phone works fine including accessing other files on the card but crashes in the same way when Pleco is started. On occaision I am able to ‘rescue’ using hardware buttons, but even after a rescue the next time the screen powers off, it won’t power back on until I reboot.

At this stage I have uninstalled and reinstalled Pleco a number of different ways but it crashes the same way. The unistall is not clean as after re-installation the same word appears in the visible panel before the device locks up. Something is being retained somewhere.

At this stage I have not done a hard reset as I don’t want to have to reinstall everything else as well.

Pleco has been such a good tool that it has become essential to my study and exam revision which is everyday as I am in full time Chinese study.

Can anyone offer any quick suggestions?



I'm still looking for a solution in case it happens again, but for now it seems to be fixed. I have a test on Monday and couldn't wait so I have had to Hard Reset and rebuild the whole phone.
Luckily I was able to rescue my flashcards or I would have had a long night typing them all out again.


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Sorry I didn't see this post sooner.

The stuff that's being preserved between installs is located in your system registry; HKLM\Software\Pleco Software\Pleco Dictionary, you can get at / delete them using a registry editor program like the free PHM Registry Editor.


Cool, thanks. If it happens again I'll try uninstalling, then deleteing that whole section of the registry before I re-install.
I hope it doesn't happen again though...