Wiseman Chinese Medical Terms vs. Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine

Hello, I am doing research on aspects the history of Chinese Medicine, and I have of course made use of Pleco's Medical dictionaries. I am looking for clarification on the publication statuses of both primary medical dictionaries on offer. First, I want to lay out what I know for maximum clarity:

One is called the "Wiseman Chinese Medical Terminology," abbreviated "CMT." It offers 36k entries, however as I can see its treatment for each term is concise. The other purchased option is the "Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine," abbreviated "PDCM." This dict. offers often far more in-depth descriptions, but has only around 7k entries. Here is the issue. Both of these products are associated with Nigel Wiseman, him along with Feng Ye being the editors of the latter, more in-depth PDCM dictionary. I stress Wiseman because he is the common factor between each dictionary, as he is a big name in English-Language Scholarship on Chinese Medicine. I have located the full print version of the PDCM dictionary, however I am wondering where the other dictionary came from--as in its print version. It is so enormous and has definitions ever so subtly different from the practical dictionary that I feel I most consult it physically. Is it perhaps the "Glossary of Chinese Medical Terms and Acupuncture Points"? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0912111291/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i6

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It's not based on any print title, actually, as far as I know - it's something Wiseman & co supplied to us directly. Portions of it may have been released in other ways but to be honest I've never dug into that much; with a free title I'm primarily interested in a) whether this is good / useful data to offer our customers and b) whether the person offering it unambiguously has the right to license it to us (and also c) whether we have the available staff time to convert it for use in Pleco, which at that particular point in time we did).