3.2.x Bug Report / Feedback Thread

In a dictionary search for 來往 the result substring highlighting is unexpected in a reduplicated phrase. This may be a feature
(with some tweaks), may be indicative of an underlying bug affecting other places, or may be undefined behavior that you're happy with.

Screenshot included, but the gist of it is this:

1. Search dictionary for:
2. Get a result back that has this highlighting:

iOS 13.5, Pleco 3.2.50

(Happy user, am technical so I notice things. Is this your ideal place to file quirks/issues/bugs or somewhere else? I sent you the last one on Twitter, but without thinking I tagged your personal account instead of Pleco, sorry.)



Staff member
That's actually not algorithmic at all, those ranges are marked in the data file (precisely so we can deal with duplications / split words / etc intelligently), so it seems like there's an error with that in this case - thanks.