Developing Chinese: Elementary Comprehensive Course / 发展汉语:初级综合(I)第二版


I remember finding this set on here a while ago, but can't find it now. Anyway, I took the liberty of splitting the "supplementary vocabulary" and sentences into subcategories, adding traditional (with some more opinionated ones like 真[眞] and 只[祇], if the Taiwan standard was the same as simplified), fixing some pinyin, de-neutralizing neutral tone (e.g. 麻烦 máfán/má·fan), and adding words from a page that was missing from the original file. For some reason I also added the definitions from the book, but in some cases this was misleading so I occasionally extended it, but I still recommend switching them to dictionary entries since the book defs are short and easy to confuse with their synonyms. Feedback welcome!


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