Double forward slash


I have a question about the Pinyin notation for some verbs, in Pleco.

Sometimes, the Pinyin will be written with a double forward slash ( // ) between the characters, for example "to retire from military service", 退役. The Pinyin is given as tuì//yì.

Not all two-character verbs have this double slash, so what does this mean? Is it that the 役 is considered a noun, so for example you might say 他退了役, rather than 他退役了?

Thanks for any advice!
Hello MattS,

this is a feature of the free Pleco dictionary. As you have correctly guessed, it indicates that other characters can sometimes be inserted where the two slashes (//) are, because the verbs have a V-O etymology. They only appear if the Pleco dictionary is configured as the first dictionary in Manage Dictionaries.