Flashcards SRS starts off with too many cards

Hi Guys, I think this may be a noob question but I did try looking through other threads and did not find something that answered my question.

I wish to learn HSK5 flashcards with Pleco Flashcards and downloaded the set 'HSK 2012-2018' for this purpose, and chose the appropriate category in the flashcard settings.

I also limited new cards, and I have tried both "new per day" and "maximum unlearned" with 10 new cards, but in both cases whenever I start a new session for some reason I start with either 136, 146 or 156 new cards. I really dont know why I start off with so many cards, all my other settings are standard and what I want is to begin the session with a comfortable number of cards like 10 or 20, and then increase this every day. Is there something obvious I am forgetting?
One thing I could mention is that all my card filters are off, could it be related to that?

Thanks for the help everyone,


Staff member
It seems like some of these cards must have already been studied once a while ago (maybe you did a random practice test and forgot about it?) + thus are scheduled for review again.

To fix this, go into New Test / Scoring and create / select a brand new score file; that will start all of these cards off from scratch.