How do you add new flashcards to an ongoing test?


Hi, Just wondering if I can add new flashcards to an ongoing test? I have a flashcard deck that's over 1,000 cards, when I create new cards while at the same time doing a test on the existing deck, I'd like to add these new cards to the ongoing test (without restarting). I'm just wondering if this is possible or if I have to wait until the test is over and start a new one with the new cards added to the deck? The latter option is not very useful especially when the deck gets very big, as it would mean it takes a very long time to see these new cards and I would continually be going through old ones. Thanks in advance.


Staff member
When it's ready - we've been dealing with the consequences of bad decisions made hastily in our current flashcard system for ~8 years now and we'd rather make as few of them as possible this time around :)