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    Hi all, I've been happily surprised by the depth of the recently released New Century English- Chinese dictionary, particularly in regards to "modern terms" like "bromance 兄弟情" etc. On searching online I found the paper edition for the opposite direction.
    (in the bio it mentions the CAATI translation test, which is of interest to an (amateur) translator like me)

    It got me thinking, as far as I'm aware the most recently published Chinese to English dict of similar quality would be the Oxford- FLTRP Chinese- English in 2010 (please tell me if I'm wrong.) While granted 6 years isn't a long time in dictionary years, I would like something a little more up to date. Would Pleco be looking into licensing New Century Chinese- English to accompany the recent release? Or perhaps something similar?

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    Oxford is actually based on the first edition of New Century, so we've got most of the content from it in Pleco anyway thanks to that. Our PLC dictionary is based on FLTRP's other big Chinese-English title 《汉英词典》for which we've licensed and will soon at very long last be releasing the latest 3rd edition, so we've got even more of FLTRP's C-E data in our app via that. (not to mention 《现代汉语规范词典》 as another title coming from their corpus)

    So we'll certainly take a look at this new edition of New Century C-E once we get our hands on a print copy, but it actually wasn't the only new comprehensive C-E dictionary published recently - there's another one that came out of a collaboration between Collins and a different Chinese publisher, plus there's a new edition of the famous 《新时代汉英词典》- and while FLTRP are wonderful long-time partners of ours, if we're going to license yet another new C-E dictionary we'd generally rather get one with as little overlap with our existing dictionaries as possible.
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    Great, Thanks for the reply. I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for any future releases!

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