New Practical Chinese Reader


The link should be working - I had issues with it just before, but it's working again now - let me or StephenHodges know if this behaviour comes back.
again (or still) not working here...
Hi all. I'm working on the problem, but it ALWAYS works for me, unfortunately. :shock:

Also, working with IPSI this morning, it started working for him after about 2 minutes, so for now, just retry in a minute or two. There seems to be some cyclical thing running that somehow interferes with just 2 sites on the server (it's my server).

We've started adding debugging code and some SMTP instrumentation to try and track it down. (Normal logs aren't showing anything)

But, site IS available.


IPSI also told me he'd get the remaining books up there soonest!


Ipsi, is the link to the Pleco 2.0 XML file missing on you page "" ?
At the "Installing Pleco 2.0" section I see: "Simply download this file, copy it to your SD Card", but no link.
Everything on the site should have simplified characters available. Some of the XML files will have both, since they are Pleco imports. The texts are in simplified, as far as I know, although converting from fanti to jianti should be pretty straightforward. Let me know if there are any there that need converting.



Ok, I've finally uploaded Book 4 (and some of book 5) to

It should import without a problem. Let me know if you encounter any errors.

I'm also not promising if/when I'll be able to finish off book 5. Could take a very long time.

Also included the program I used to help generate the XML file, which works on a slightly modified version of Pleco's Category stuff. If you're interested and know Java fairly well (enough to be able to use Maven, at any rate), feel free to have a look through the code. It's pretty much undocumented, but you can use it if you want. :)


Hello Everybody,

recently I bought pleco for my handheld, because I'm studying Chinese in Cologne. So, I'm german. I hope, my english is good enough for a very silly question :p :

I'm using "new practical chinese reader" in university and downloaded a file of your forum recently. ( it's NPCR4.PDB ). I installed it with Hot Sync with my handheld few minutes ago.

Now my silly question: Where can I find this Vocabulary?
I thought, I can find them at managing flashcards (I already created some categories for flashcard sessions)

I' m sooo sorry. I'm not so in technique and not so used to pleco and my handheld yet.
Thanks for help!!!!


ipsi said:
I've got NPCR 1 through 3, I'll put them somewhere shortly.
Many thanks to ipsi - this has saved me a massive amount of time - you can bet that this is a great deed!!! Thanks again!!