Pleco Can't Access Image Gallery on S23


Screenshot_20230314_205349_Permission controller.jpg
I have enabled all available permissions but still cannot access the image gallery from within Pleco. I also can't share images with the app. I can use the 'select image file' option, but would prefer rto be able to access the image gallery. Any ideas?


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That's odd, it should put up a permission prompt before simply denying permission like this. What sort of error do you get when you share an image with Pleco?


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Hmm… I’m afraid in that case it’s probably some sort of bug specific to the S23; we don’t currently have one of those in our test pool since they’re so new, but once we get one we can try to reproduce and fix it. (Or perhaps this problem will show up in a firmware update to some other phone we already do have)

I assume there isn’t any general option in the system settings to allow apps freer access to the photo library? Or to use Google’s photo library instead of Samsung’s?
Hi, I found the exact problem with my samsung galaxy z fold 4 here. Are there any solution yet?
Thanks in advance


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