Remembering Simplifed Hanzi in CSV format for ChatGPT Story Writing?


I am using Remembering Simplified Hanzi (RSH) to learn my characters. There are a lot of nice Graded Readers available based on the HSK levels, but RSH doesn’t follow HSK character order, so after learning the first 1,000 characters with RSH there isn’t a lot of joy in trying to work with a graded reader oriented around HSK Levels 1-3 character acquisition.

I asked ChatGPT today if it could write a story for me using a CSV list of 500 or 1000 or 1500 characters. It essentially said, ”Sure, no problem. What subject would you like the story to be about?”

I bought RSH on eBooks on my iPhone/iPad/iMac and I have the RSH Flashcards. Is there a relatively painless way to extract the first 500, first 1,000, and first 1,500 characters in CSV format? I am semi-literate with databases and spreadsheets, but obviously not literate enough to avoid posting this question. :) I’m on the road for another 6 weeks with just my iPad but have access to a Windows machine from time to time.

I think RSH has designed the first 1,500 characters to match HSK3, (I’m not certain), but the first 1,000 characters have, as far as I know, no particular utility when reading any Graded Reader and that is the character sub-set I am especially interested in.

Thanks. David


Staff member
If you just export the list to a text file, you should be able to open that in Excel and copy out the list of characters.