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    Unable to re-categorize flashcards from search results

    I'm on Pleco for Android and have an HSK 3.0 flashcard set with subcategories for level. I open the search menu from the Organize Flashcard menu and put in a query for SCORE = 600 AND CATEGORY = HSK 3.0 -> Level 1. This pulls up 83 cards. It seems that no matter what I do here, including long...
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    How to organize flashcards (e.g. mass re-categorize) using Windows Explorer

    Hello, I'm a new user of Pleco and am trying to set up efficient study. I have an HSK 3.0 flashcard set which comes with its own category and sub-category for all the levels. I am trying to get rid of the Level 1 and 2 cards I already know. The quickest way to remove them from my SRS tests is to...
  3. T

    Screen Reader Accessibility Button Activation

    Kia ora, I have recently activated the Screen Reader function on Android which I think is going to be super helpful. However, I am a little concerned about security and giving screen reading access. So I am using the accessibility button to turn off and on the access. The only problem is there...
  4. G

    Pleco on Windows 11 via WSA

    I am aware there are topics that deal with running Pleco on the desktop (i.e. using Bluestacks), but I could not find a thread that deals specifically with the new Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) on Windows 11. WSA as installed via the Microsoft Store currently only allows installation of...
  5. M

    Tts not working since latest update

    I was doing my daily vocab review and the tts is not working anymore. When I go to settings there's no tts engine I can choose from even though I have qiang text to speech installed. Usually I rely on google text to speech but it's not working in plexi anymore. It's installed on my phone though...
  6. N

    Outlier dictionary entries for Anki flashcard creation

    Is it possible to create Anki cards with the Outlier dictionary? I know some dictionaries are not available for export. I though outlier might be one of those, but my friend told me he was able to make Anki cards with it. I have Anki set to have the flashcard "+" beside each dictionary and I...
  7. Z

    Seeking advice on Android vs iOS

    Hey Mike, I'm in the interesting situation where I have both a HuaWei Mate 10 and an iphone x. Frankly I would love to get out of the tyranny of apple, as I was one of the many frustrated with a worse phone after every upgrade (which is why I bought the HuaWei to begin with). The iPhoneX was...
  8. E

    How to export a txt file with audio?

    Hey guys, I am trying to export a txt file and use that with Anki to create an apkg file. I can make this happen, but only front, back and definition are the options. Is there a way to export the audio too? Cheers
  9. C

    Pleco coaching for flashcard setup

    I haven't been able to get my head around the settings for flashcard study. Is anyone willing to coach me via Skype please? I'm happy to pay for the help. I've tried to follow the instruction manual but it doesn't quite match what I'm seeing on my Android phone. I'm using an Oppo f1 android...
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    Using Pleco on Kindle + synching with iPhone

    Since I'm reading a lot of books on my computer, both Chinese and others, I've decided to get an e-reader, like Kindle or if there's anything similar. After doing some research, it seems that for me to use Pleco on a Kindle, I would need to get a Kindle device which uses the Android OS, is that...
  11. Terminal/Command-Line support

    Is there any command line support for Pleco on Android? This would be great feature for powerusers such as myself, e.g. we could write bash scripts to streamline operations such as exporting flashcards, settings.. I keep an active list of my vocab words I study everyday and they get pushed...
  12. Auto-close keyboard after dictionary search

    Is this feature available in the current release?
  13. X

    How to choose the Chinese font in Pleco Android

    I just switched from Pleco iOS to Pleco Android (Xiaomi Note 3). How do I get Pleco to use a nice chinese font in Android? In iOS for example I was using the FZKaiTi font from the Pleco basic bundle. Thanks!
  14. M

    Android N developer preview

    I know it has only just been released, but I couldn't wait to install Android N onto my Pixel C and it is rather glorious (especially split screen). Most apps will run, but show a warning when you switch to split screen mode that it may not work. Some apps (especially chinese ones) won't even...