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Discussion in 'Flashcard Exchange' started by Chrysmc, Dec 21, 2016.

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    I haven't been able to get my head around the settings for flashcard study. Is anyone willing to coach me via Skype please? I'm happy to pay for the help. I've tried to follow the instruction manual but it doesn't quite match what I'm seeing on my Android phone. I'm using an Oppo f1 android phone. Thanks for listening to me whine for help!
  2. pdwalker

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  3. RossCoe

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    Totally with you Chrysmc, what a complicated system to set up, it has done my head in too, even though I am a techie. I nearly gave up and bought another program.
    Surely Pleco could provide a 4 or 5 built in test times that link to the premade cards. Pdwalker has fone a great job of listing different strategies for beginner through expert in link mentioned above. Surely Pleco could just add his styles in, or else provide an import facility so we can get there simply.
  4. pdwalker

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    Speaking of which, Chrysmc how were you able to get along? Still looking for help?
  5. Shun

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    If it's any use, here are my main settings as screenshots. (I use the Simple subject selection, which may be a good start for beginners.)

    You could try replicating these settings, and you should be fine for a start. If you're using these settings with large categories, you should split them. (See: )

    test settings.png commands.png display.png card selection.png scoring.png
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  6. Great thread - I just don't understand why Pleco is sooo complicated and cluttered, I'm struggling but am going to persevere and hope that it's more because i am used to other systems and have not "adjusted" to Pleco yet...
  7. mikelove

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    Basically, our flashcard system is a decade old and every time we try to update it something else gets in the way. (recent email newsletter had a timeline explaining why - among other things, if we'd stuck to iOS and not branched out to Android we'd have finished our flashcard system revamp years ago) We're finally making progress thanks to a relatively quiet run of major iOS / Android operating system updates but it's taken us a long time to get there.
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  8. Keep up with the good work Mike!! :)

    I have had countless discussions with friends about strategies for learning, and it feels that nobody is really learning the same way.
    So in some way, I really enjoy Pleco for being so flexible. But coming up with a good strategy takes time.
    Maybe there could be some kind of "set up wizard" proposing different flashcard test setup based on what the user wants?

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