Seeking Flashcards for Writing Practice (specifically for hand writing from memory)

Hi! Please help if you can. I’m a very long time Pleco user but a relative flashcard newbie. I Love Love Love Pleco but have never been able to wrap my head around all the flashcards and settings. If anyone can give me pointers for this I would be super grateful. I’m so sorry if this seems obvious to some people but I’ve spent a long time trying to figure this out and I’m truly stuck. I am looking for (hopefully) a premade deck that is designed specifically to practice the writing of the characters from memory.

What I would really like is some suggestions for the easiest way to build a set like this based off of characters in the HSK exam levels:

prompt side:
- pinyin
- shortish English definition
- example chinese sentence missing the character it is testing for (could be missing one character in a word that is composed of two characters or more and just be testing for that one word)
- (hopefully) ability to write character on the screen and retain the written image when the card is flipped to compare.

answer side:

- Ideally, the outline of the character nice and big with a stroke order animation that starts up within the card without leaving the flashcard test (maybe from a dictionary file within pleco or something similar) and maybe the traditional variant small in the corner
- if above is not an option, just an image of the character nice and big and maybe the traditional variant smaller in the corner.

I think these settings would be ideal. But I would be open to something along these lines that’s different in various ways. I need to get started. I’ve spent to much time trying to figure out how to approach this and how to set it up in pleco.

I can literally read thousands of words but if I am given a piece of paper and a pen alone without any references, could only write about a hundred or so and there would be errors. So that’s the goal with these.


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We don't really offer a way to get that entire combination right now.

You can get pinyin + definition on one side by setting "Show" on the "New Test" screen to that - pinyin + defn - and you can get characters on the other side to be blown up by adjusting the headword font size in New Test / Display, but there's no way to do cloze examples in our current flashcard system unless you import an awkward custom card deck. (those will be supported in 4.0, but we don't have a release date for that and are unlikely to say much of anything on that front until it drops out of the sky one day as a public beta)

Drawing box we do support, just tap on the 'pen' icon in the top bar and the image will indeed be retained when the card is flipped.
Thanks for the quick response. Is there a way to show the stroke order animation that’s available in the dictionaries on pleco in a flashcard without leaving the flashcard test?


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No, you can get to it by jumping to the dictionary entry (which you can do with one tap) but not currently on the flashcard test screen itself.