Dictionary Entries With Problems


Spring ~ Pinyin Typo

Under spring 3 in the NWP dictionary, the definition given is 泉水. There is an extra "i" in the pinyin for 泉。


The Tuttle entry for 币/幣 has an error in it: " noun = currency (See 人民币 Rénmíngbì.)" It should be Rénmínbì.


Lots of missing fanti in Tuttle and Guifan:

Tuttle's entry for 终 omits 終.

Guifan's entry for 叠 omits 疊.

Guifan's entry for 吴 omits 吳.

Guifan's entry for 俣 omits 俁.

Tuttle and Guifan's entry for 够 both omit 夠.

Tuttle and Guifan's entry for 减 both omit 減.

Tuttle and Guifan's entries for 着 omit 著.


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Thanks - must be a glitch in our system for adding traditional characters to headwords. (which weren't included in multi-character headwords at all in the original versions of these dictionaries)


If you're still keeping a list of corrections, another for NWP - under 驾驶the English translation of example sentence for 控告驾驶汽车者reads "prefer a charge against a motorist." It should be "refer a charge..." or maybe "ticket a motorist"


In the ABC dictionary, the traditional character line for the entry 百尺竿頭,更進一步 is formatted incorrectly. It reads: "百尺竿頭/头,更進/进一步" (in other words, the Simplified characters are included in the Traditional line, screenshot attached). The Simplified line has "百尺竿头,更进一步" as it should and the variant spelling which uses 盡[尽] instead of 進[进] is fine as well.


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In the MoE dictionary, there is a formatting issue with explanations for different pronunciations on a single character (e.g. 吐 tǔ and tù, 倒 dǎo and dào etc). It looks like in the source material these explanations were introduced with the lable 辨似 which was set apart from the text, probably by putting a margin around it. In Pleco, this seems to have messed up the formatting and now there are two squares weirdly superimposed on the characters (see the entry for 倒 dǎo in the screenshot). I also think it would be advisable to force a new line before these explanations, so that the user can see at a glance that this explanation doesn’t belong to the last normal lemma.

As a last point, I think more users would be able to profit from these explanations if the 注音符號 were replaced with Pinyin. Does the license for this dictionary allow such a change?


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